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The Ultimate Nutrition Programme for good health, vitality and weight control

Are you overweight or suffering from any of the following?
Asthma, Lowered Immunity, Excema or Psoriasis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Anxiety Disorder or Depression, Irritability or Insomnia, PMS/Menopause, Hyperactivity or ADD, Gluten/wheat or dairy intolerance or other food allergies or food cravings or undergoing or recovering from chemotherapy

For help in easing, controlling and in many cases eliminating the above conditions Natural Manna can help you.

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We are moving!

We have a brand new website in the making!
Visit The site is still under construction but growing daily and our contact details are still the same.

NEW!! - Wheat/Gluten and Lactose Free Goods

At last Gluten Free Bread, Cakes and Biscuits which are like the 'normal' product.  For details of what is available go to Shopping Page

Ordering Information.

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